Ropati – Stuff and Storage


Living on a boat is all about the art of simplicity, which is quite complicated in practise. Follow this way of life in the serie `Ropati`. Hopefully it will help you to understand more about the daily boat life.

In the end there is a lot of space in a boat, but still not enough for everything. I just have the things that I really need, which fits into three suitcases all together. In The Netherlands I already selected my stuff and there are just ten boxes left. You can read about this ‘process of dematerializing’ in another article about surfing and the minimalistic life.

The French Seaman has a little bit more things and among these are a lot of tools, but also a nice collection of cd’s and books. Furthermore there are a lot of sail guides, sail books, sail magazines and sail clothes. There are some maps with administration and accountancy, camera’s, laptops, chargers, bags, kitchen & bathroom stuff, food, drinks, clothes, shoes, more tools, surfboards, wetsuits, diving gear, bikes and a yogamat. All together I guess there is too much.

We really cannot allow ourselves to have more stuff. If we want something new, something has to leave the boat first. We only buy something new when something is broken and/or too old to be usefull. If you visit us and you like to bring a present with you, please bring some food or something to drink, while this will stay just temporary. Books, clothes, souvenirs, all kinds of bathroom and kitchen equipment… Very nice, but thank you. We try to save space, therefore we probably will give away your present to someone else, while we really don’t know where to put all the stuff anymore. In our serious attempt to live as simple as possible, we still have too much things. Wow.




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