Ropati – ‘Roof Terrace’ and Dinghy

`Roof terrace`

Living on a boat is all about the art of simplicity, which is quite complicated in practise. Follow this way of life in the serie `Ropati`. Hopefully it will help you to understand more about the daily boat life.

My favourite spot on Ropati is the ‘roof terrace’. This is the forward part of the deck, a little bit before the anchor, chain locker and just after the mast. If the weather and waves allow, then I prefer to watch the ocean from this place. Underneath the ‘terras’ is the trunk where the dinghy stays. We already have had some nice ‘dinghy’ adventures. The best memory I have is from the time we all felt in the water, while we were trying to get on land.

After arriving at our destination, where we go for anchorage, the first thing we do is unfolding the dinghy and inflate it to go on shore. The moment I get into the dinghy, my heart starts pounding and I feel like Colombus who is discovering new lands. How will the shore be, who will we meet, what will happen? In the end nothing really happens, except getting a wet ass, but the feeling is amazing. Especially after days of sailing. Entering land is almost like visiting the moon. We put our sealegs on land and with crazy steps we walk like two cosmonauts over the beach. Land, finally!


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