Ropati – Location


Living on a boat is all about the art of simplicity, which is quite complicated in practise. Follow this way of life in the serie `Ropati`. Hopefully it will help you to understand more about the daily boat life.

“Where do you live?” A basic question that most people will simply answer with calling the name of their village or town, followed by the name of a street and the number of the house. When you live on a boat this question becomes more difficult and perhaps it makes more sense to replace it by the question “Where are you right now?” Well, we are somewhere at sea, but to be more precise, we can tell you our position. RIght now we are in the Atlantic Ocean at the latitude N 35′ 54” and the longitude W 024′ 57”. Yes, indeed. We are inbetween Madeira and the Azoren into the direction of the island Santa Maria.

If you want to know our location from times to time, you might be able to follow us on the the website To receive information about our course you need our MMSI number. MMSI stands for Maritime Mobile Service Identity and is the boat radio identification number. Using the frequencies of the radio the MMSI number can be found on the screen of the AIS, which is a digital system working with GPS and VHF (Very High Frequency = mariphone). Boats with AIS can locate each others at sea. Technical talks like this belong also to the daily life on a boat. For more questions about electronic navigation systems, please contact the French Seaman. He can tell you everything.

“How to contact us?” is the next important question. You cannot reach us as long as we are sailing in the middle of the ocean, but you can follow us online (see alinea above). When you are sailing yourself, and you are at less than 30 Nm, you can reach us by VHF. If we are nearby the coast or on shore It is possible to contact us. You can give us a call on our cellphones or send us an e-mail, while we have a WI-FI antenna on board. We are always very pleased to receive family, friends, friends of friends on board. Actually, everyone is welcome, just let us know about your preferences, so we can discuss details.

To summarize: we are in the water sailing, at anchorage, in a harbour or we are on land. There are three ways to contact us: By cellphone, by e-mail and by VHF. For non-sailors: first send an e-mail and in case of need you can call us on our cellphone. Depending on the location we reply directly and sometimes it takes us a while to respond. For sailors: our MMSI is 227 585 260 and the call sign is FW 7301. If you like to follow us, go to In case of emergency? With some luck you can reach us, but as soon Ropati is sailing in the middle of the ocean, we will receive the news when we are back on shore. Just like it was in’the old days’ before GPS and Internet.






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