Ropati – Living Room


Living on a boat is all about the art of simplicity, which is quite complicated in practise. Follow this way of life in the serie `Ropati`. Hopefully it will help you to understand more about the daily boat life.

During cold periods this is the place to be. Everything happens in the living room. Eating, hanging, chilling, reading, talking, receiving visitors, aperó’s, watching movies, etc. The living room has a lot of seats, so we can easily receive five to ten persons. After a couple of chilly and/or rainy days the koala’s start irritating me, as well as the lack of single chairs and the lack of space to practise my yoga. This only happens after daaaays of bad and cold weather.

When we are sailing the living room is the place were we meet each other. Might sound strange, but if the days are organized into shifts, sometimes you don’t talk with each other anymore. Why? Because if one person is sleeping, the other one is doing the watch. For days you live seperated and only when you try to cross the living room from the kitchen to the sleeping room, or the other way around, you meet each other. This is the moment you can have a small talk, before the other goes to bed or is going outside for the watch.

In warmer periods the living room turns into a storage room and functions mainly as an office. With sunny days it’s too hot to stay inside, so most of the breakfasts, lunches and dinners are outside in the cockpit, as well as other activities, including powernaps, readings, and relaxing. One nice detail: There is some street art in the living room. A sticker of Miss Tic fills the wall on the left side next to the cd-player.


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