Ropati – Bathroom


Living on a boat is all about the art of simplicity, which is quite complicated in practise. Follow this way of life in the serie `Ropati`. Hopefully it will help you to understand more about the daily boat life.

Two shower cabines, a sink for him and a sink for her, an electronic toilet that cleans itself, plus a bidet, and of course a normal bath, a bubble bath and, last but not least, a sauna. In your dreams. The ‘bathroom’ is one by one meter. There is a little toilet, a little sink, and a long hose with an unidentified object in the end, which you might call a shower. Well, what can I say. It works. There is a little window and this compensates the lack of space. In the morning, when I brush my teeths, I see the ocean right in front of me.  With such a beautiful views you don’t need that much, right?

Ok, that’s a lie. Sometimes I get frustrated. All my ‘toilet equipement’ (shampoo, tooth brush, floss, make-up, body lotion, razors, nail polish, EVERYTHING) is put together in one little sport bag (the French Seaman disagrees with the word ‘little)’. That’s my ‘mobile bathroom shelve’, by lack of space. Some mornings I can laugh about it, some morning I don’t think about it at all and some mornings. Ai, ai, ai. The big advantage of having a small bathroom is that you can clean it very quickly. Wow, what an advantage. The biggest disadvantage of having a very small bathroom with a wooden door is that everyone on the boat can hear your doing things you do in a bathroom. What else can I say. To be honest, I am always very happy to visit some family and friends, so I can use their spacious and luxurous bathroom. Women…


Photo: Bath boat by Wieki Somers


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